Impact of Families and Quality of Life

Thursday, May 17, 2012: 1:00 PM-5:30 PM
Sheraton Hall (Sheraton Centre Toronto)
1:00 PM
93 Clinical Validation of the Family Life Impairment Scale in Families Raising a Toddler on the Autism Spectrum
N. Mian, T. W. Soto, F. Martinez-Pedraza, M. Maye and A. S. Carter
1:00 PM
Parent Stress, Parent-Child Interactions, and Symptom Expression in At-Risk Infants (Withdrawn)
A. M. Steiner, G. W. Gengoux, A. Smith and K. Chawarska
3:00 PM
98 You Had Me At Hello: How Introductory Type Affects Stigmatization
K. D. Baker, J. M. Gillis and C. R. Locke
1:00 PM
Examining the Difference in Age of Diagnosis for Bilingual and English-only Children from K-2 Autistic Support Classroom (Withdrawn)
R. A. Wideman, M. Xie, E. M. Reisinger, M. M. Downey and D. S. Mandell
3:00 PM
101 Caregiver Characteristics of Participants in a PEERS Program Replication Study
R. Harwood, C. White, A. Pulido and A. J. Lincoln
3:00 PM
Effect of Emotional Disclosure Through Online Journal Writing on Maternal Stress and Quality of Mother-Child Relationship Among Mothers of Children with ASD or Related Disorders (Withdrawn)
R. V. Whitney
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
107 Carer Burden Amongst Family Members of Young People with An ASD or ADHD
T. Cadman, H. Eklund, D. Howley, H. L. Hayward, J. Findon, H. Clarke, J. Beecham, K. Xenitidis, D. G. Murphy, P. Asherson and K. Glaser
1:00 PM
108 Dyadic Effects of Mothers' and Fathers' Well-Being in Family Impairment
F. Martinez-Pedraza, T. W. Soto, M. Maye and A. S. Carter
3:00 PM
110 Quality of Life for Teens with ASD: Application of a Modified ICF Model
J. Magill-Evans, C. Koning and B. G. Clark