Genetics II

This session presents a broad array of work on genetics and genomics in ASD, ranging from gene discovery to study of molecular and biological function of autism candidate susceptibility genes in models.
Saturday, May 19, 2012: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Osgoode Ballroom East (Sheraton Centre Toronto)
1:30 PM
Genome-Wide SNP and Environment Interaction Study in Autism
C. Ladd-Acosta, B. K. Lee, J. Bonner, B. Sheppard, N. B. Gidaya, A. M. Reynolds, L. A. Croen, D. E. Schendel, C. J. Newschaffer and M. D. Fallin
1:45 PM
Clinical Application of 2.7M SNP Array for CNV Detection in Subjects with Idiopathic Autism and/or Intellectual Disability
Y. Qiao, C. Tyson, M. A. Hrynchak, E. Lopez-Rangel, J. Hildebrand, S. Martell, C. Fawcett, L. Kasmara, K. Calli, X. Liu, J. J. A. Holden, E. Rajcan-Separovic and S. M. E. Lewis
2:00 PM
Genomic Landscape of Autism Spectrum Disorders
S. R. Wadhawan, X. Ji, K. J. Won, C. F. Lin, L. S. Wang and M. Bucan
2:30 PM
Follow-up Linkage and Association Analyses of a Nonverbal Motor Speech Phenotype Identified in the AGRE Data Set
A. Hare, M. Azaro, R. Zimmerman, J. Flax, J. Burian, V. Vieland and L. Brzustowicz
3:00 PM
Heritability of Proposed DSM-5 Autism Symptom Domains in a Large, Clinically-Ascertained Sample
T. W. Frazier, L. Thompson, P. A. Law, E. A. Youngstrom and N. Morris
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