Clinical Phenotype : Measurement

Saturday, May 19, 2012: 8:00 AM-12:30 PM
Sheraton Hall (Sheraton Centre Toronto)
9:00 AM
1 DISCO: A Decade of Epidemiological Research
C. Gillberg and T. Brugha
10:00 AM
Autism Mental Status Examination: A Preliminary Report of An Italian Version (Withdrawn)
R. Canitano, V. Scandurra, R. Storino and M. R. Scordo
11:00 AM
3 Challenges in Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Vietnam
H. S. Vu, A. Whittaker, S. Rodger and M. Whittaker
10:00 AM
8 Simons Simplex Collection: A Model of Quality Assessment in Multi-Site Phenotyping Research
E. Brooks, J. E. Olson, L. Green-Synder, S. Risi, J. Tjernagel, L. C. White, R. K. Rumsey, A. Gallego and M. Greenup
11:00 AM
9 The Implications of DSM V: Changes in Diagnostic Outcomes in An Adult Clinical Sample Re-Diagnosed According to the Proposed DSM V
G. Roberts, N. Gillan, K. Johnston, S. Maltezos, C. M. Murphy, D. G. Murphy, D. M. Robertson, D. Spain, E. Wilson and F. Happe
10:00 AM
11 Sensitivity of Current and Proposed Diagnostic Criteria: Are We on the Path to Exclusion?
K. S. D'Eramo, T. M. Newman, A. Naples, C. M. Cotter, J. W. Loomis, M. J. Palmieri and M. D. Powers
11:00 AM
Using the DISCO with Adults (Withdrawn)
E. Billstedt and L. M. Ghali