Brain Imaging: Development, Structure, and Genetics

This session is for structural, developmental, or imaging genetics studies
Saturday, May 19, 2012: 10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Grand Ballroom East (Sheraton Centre Toronto)
10:15 AM
Blunted Trajectories of White Matter Development Associated with Autism in High-Risk Infants
J. J. Wolff, G. Gerig, H. Gu, J. T. Elison, K. Botteron, S. R. Dager, G. Dawson, H. C. Hazlett, S. Paterson, R. T. Schultz, M. Styner, L. Zwaigenbaum, J. Piven and I. B. I. S. Network
10:30 AM
Enlarged Cortical Surface Area In Autistic Infants
K. Campbell, W. Thompson, S. Solso, K. Pierce, M. Javier, J. Young, M. Mayo, S. Spendlove, C. Carter, M. Weinfeld and E. Courchesne
10:45 AM
Microglial Activation in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
K. Nakamura, K. Suzuki, Y. Ouchi, M. Tsujii, G. Sugihara, Y. Iwata, K. Matsumoto, K. Takebayashi, T. Wakuda, T. Sugiyama, Y. Yoshihara and N. Mori
11:00 AM
Sex and Diagnosis Effects on Microstructural White Matter Properties in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions
A. N. Ruigrok, M. V. Lombardo, M. C. Lai, F. dell'Acqua, M. Catani, J. Suckling, B. Chakrabarti, M. Craig, D. G. Murphy, U. K. MRC AIMS Consortium and S. Baron-Cohen
11:15 AM
Atypical Regional Brain Volume in Women but Not Men with Autism Overlaps with Sexually Dimorphic Regions: Neuroanatomical Evidence for Females As a Sub-Group on the Autism Spectrum
M. C. Lai, M. V. Lombardo, J. Suckling, A. N. Ruigrok, B. Chakrabarti, E. T. Bullmore, M. R. C. AIMS Consortium and S. Baron-Cohen
11:30 AM
The Intrinsic Geometry of the Cerebral Cortex In AUTISM the Relationship BETWEEN Cortical Folding and White MATTER Wiring
C. Ecker, E. Daly, C. M. Murphy, S. C. Williams, M. MRC AIMS Consortium and D. G. Murphy
12:00 PM
The Presence of Specific Maternal IgG Antibodies Is Associated with Abnormal Brain Enlargement in ASD and in Nonhuman Primate Model of ASD
C. W. Nordahl, M. Bauman, D. Braunschweig, A. M. Iosif, P. Ashwood, J. Van de Water and D. G. Amaral