Brain Imaging: fMRI-Social Cognition and Emotion Perception

Saturday, May 19, 2012: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Grand Ballroom East (Sheraton Centre Toronto)
1:30 PM
Brain Responses to Anthropomorphism and Perception of Actions in Autism
C. Doss, L. E. Libero, D. Bala, M. Bellare and R. K. Kana
1:45 PM
Diminished Superior Temporal Sulcus Response to Communicative Intent in Children with ASD
A. Martin, A. C. Voos, A. Vouloumanos, K. A. Pelphrey and M. D. Kaiser
2:15 PM
Disrupted Neural Response to Affective Touch in ASD
M. D. Kaiser, A. C. Voos, R. H. Bennett, I. Gordon, F. McGlone and K. A. Pelphrey
2:30 PM
Lack of Embodiment of Action Words in the Autistic Brain
R. L. Moseley, B. Mohr, A. K. Ludlow, M. V. Lombardo, S. Baron-Cohen and F. Pulvermüller
2:45 PM
fMRI of Emotion Regulation in Autism
G. S. Dichter, J. A. Richey, C. Damiano, M. Smoski, N. J. Sasson, E. Hanna, A. Sabatino and J. W. Bodfish
3:00 PM
Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) Impacts Salience Network Connectivity in Children with and without ASD
L. Hernandez, J. D. Rudie, D. Beck-Pancer, E. M. Kilroy, D. H. Geschwind, S. Y. Bookheimer and M. Dapretto
3:15 PM
Oxytocin's Impact on Social Cognitive Brain Function in Youth with ASD
I. Gordon, R. H. Bennett, B. C. vander Wyk, J. F. Leckman, R. Feldman and K. A. Pelphrey