Translational Developmental Research in Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors: From Basic Mechanisms to Intervention

Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors (RRBs) are a core symptom of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (ICD-10, World Health Organization 1992; DSM-5, American Psychiatric Association, 2013). While research into this symptom domain has grown in recent years, considerably less is known about the function and etiology of RRBs relative to the social-communication impairments of ASD. This hinders researchers ability to develop effective, targeted interventions for this core deficit. This panel will address these issues and present a series of innovative studies with the overarching goal of providing a comprehensive and translational update on the current state of the field. The panel brings together talks spanning neuroscience, early detection and intervention and the use of novel technologies to study RRBs. Our four panelists will discuss a) the trajectories of RRBs and their neural correlates in early development, b) explore novel methodologies for quantifying the presence of RRBs as well as their response to intervention, and c) the effect of targeted interventions on behavioral changes in RRBs.
Saturday, May 16, 2015: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom A (Grand America Hotel)
Panel Chair:
C. Harrop
J. W. Bodfish
10:30 AM
Exploring the Neural Correlates of Repetitive Behavior in Babies with Autism
J. J. Wolff J. T. Elison M. R. Swanson G. Gerig M. A. Styner K. N. Botteron S. Dager A. M. Estes H. C. Hazlett R. T. Schultz L. Zwaigenbaum J. Piven .. The IBIS Network
10:55 AM
Eye-Tracking Restricted Behaviors and Interests in Autism
N. J. Sasson K. Unruh J. W. Bodfish