Implementing and Evaluating Community-Based Early Intervention

Session Chairs: Dr. Kristelle Hudry and Dr. Giacomo Vivanti The standard of autism early-intervention research has increased substantially, allowing us to judge the efficacy of particular therapy models under optimal delivery conditions. If the field is to have a real impact on the lives of children with autism and their families, however, we need to progress our evaluation of the effectiveness of early intervention, conducting rigorous studies within community-based settings. Such a move brings significant methodological challenge, and researchers in different parts of the world will benefit from the opportunity to have for dedicated discussion on the topic at this new SIG. We will consider existing progress made in conducting community-based studies of ASD early-intervention, with a focus on methodological difficulties and successes encountered, and aiming to plan a strategic way forward for the field.
Saturday, May 16, 2015: 7:15 AM-8:45 AM
Savoy (Grand America Hotel)