Specific Interventions - Pharmacologic

Thursday, May 15, 2014: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Atrium Ballroom (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
5:30 PM
188 The Effects of a Novel Vasopressin V1a Antagonist on Orienting to Biological Motion
F. Shic, M. del Valle Rubido, E. Hollander, S. S. Jeste, J. T. McCracken, L. Scahill, O. Khwaja, L. Squassante, E. S. Kim, M. G. Perlmutter, E. Sharer, R. J. Jou, M. C. Lyons, T. Apelian, G. Berlin, C. J. Ferretti, A. Gavaletz, R. L. Loomis, T. Shimizu, B. P. Taylor, C. A. Wall and D. Umbricht
5:30 PM
189 Effects of a Beta-Adrenergic Antagonist on Social and Cognitive Functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder
R. M. Zamzow, B. J. Ferguson, M. L. Lewis, A. S. Ragsdale, J. P. Stichter and D. Q. Beversdorf
5:30 PM
191 The Effectiveness of Methylcobalamin and Folinic Acid Treatment on Adaptive Behavior in Children with Autistic Disorder
R. E. Frye, S. Melnyk, G. J. Fuchs, T. Reid, S. L. Jernigan, O. Pavliv, A. S. Hubanks, D. Gaylor, L. Walters and S. J. James
5:30 PM
192 The Efficacy of High-Dose Folinic Acid for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study
R. E. Frye, J. C. Slattery, L. Delhey, M. Tippett, S. Melnyk, S. Rose, E. Quadros, J. M. Sequeira and S. J. James