Brain Structure

Friday, May 16, 2014: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Atrium Ballroom (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
5:30 PM
25 Atypical Cerebral Lateralization of Language and Motor-Related Regions in High-Functioning Male Adults with Autism
D. L. Floris, M. C. Lai, J. Suckling, M. V. Lombardo, C. Ecker, B. Chakrabarti, S. J. Wheelwright, B. Auyeung, C. Allison, A. N. Ruigrok, E. Bullmore, M. AIMS Consortium, D. G. Murphy and S. Baron-Cohen
5:30 PM
26 Anatomical MRI Abnormalities in Autism?
S. Haar, S. Berman, M. Behrmann and I. Dinstein
5:30 PM
28 Regional Brain Volume Differences Between Males with and without Autism Are Highly Age-Dependent
H. C. Ni, H. Y. Lin, M. C. Lai, W. Y. I. Tseng and S. S. F. Gau
5:30 PM
29 Cortical Thinning Is Related to Restricted Repetitive Behaviour in Autism Spectrum Disorders
J. E. Fitzgerald, L. Gallagher, J. McGrath and S. Delmonte
5:30 PM
32 Neuroanatomical Signatures of Autism
D. Yang, R. J. Jou and K. A. Pelphrey
5:30 PM
33 Study of 38 Brain Regions Demonstrates Alterations Restricted Mainly to Structures Involved in Repetitive Behaviors and Social Deficits
J. Wegiel, M. J. Flory, I. Kuchna, K. Nowicki, S. Y. Ma, H. Imaki, J. Wegiel, I. L. Cohen, E. London, W. T. Brown and T. Wisniewski
5:30 PM
34 Behavioral and Neural Basis of Anomalous Motor Learning in Autism
M. K. Marko, D. Crocetti, R. Shadmehr and S. H. Mostofsky
5:30 PM
36 Are Autistic Traits in the General Population Related to Global and Regional Differences in Brain Structure?
P. C. M. Koolschijn, H. M. Geurts, A. R. Van der Leij and H. S. Scholte