Friday, May 16, 2014: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Atrium Ballroom (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
5:30 PM
51 Aberrant Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Identified in Disorders Associated with 7q11.23 Copy Number Variation
E. Strong, D. Butcher, C. B. Mervis, C. A. Morris, R. Weksberg and L. R. Osborne
5:30 PM
52 Whole Exome Sequencing of ASD in Korean Population
H. J. Yoo, S. A. Kim, J. Kim, J. E. Park, M. Park and N. Kim
5:30 PM
53 CD38 Gene Polymorphism on Eye-Gaze Ability in Human Social Interaction
I. Lee, T. Lehtimaki, K. Puura and D. H. Skuse
5:30 PM
54 Game of Exomes: Battle of the Rare Variants for Association with Autism Spectrum Disorder
N. D. Dueker, A. J. Griswold, H. N. Cukier, E. R. Martin, S. H. Slifer, J. Jaworski, I. Konidari, P. L. Whitehead, M. A. Schmidt, J. R. Gilbert, M. L. Cuccaro, J. L. Haines and M. A. Pericak-Vance
5:30 PM
55 Genome-Wide Gene-Environment Analysis Identifies Genetic Variation within A2BP1 As a Potential Modifier of the Risk Effect of Maternal Smoking on the Expression of Autistic Traits in Middle Childhood
D. Rai, D. H. Skuse, W. Mandy, J. Golding, D. M. Evans, N. J. Timpson, J. P. Kemp, W. L. McArdle, S. M. Ring, G. Davey Smith and B. St. Pourcain
5:30 PM
56 High Transposable Element Content in Strong-Association Autism-Risk Genes
E. L. Williams, M. F. Casanova and A. E. Switala
5:30 PM
57 Increased Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Boys with XYY
J. Ross, D. Roeltgen, N. Tartaglia, B. M. Winder-Patel and J. Miller
5:30 PM
58 Integration of Copy Number and Exome Sequence Data in a Queryable Database for the Investigation of ASDs
E. McArthur, X. Zhang, E. R. Gamazon, J. S. Sutcliffe, E. H. Cook, L. K. Davis and N. J. Cox
5:30 PM
59 Interactions Dynamics of 16p11.2 Genes Across the Developing Human Brain
G. N. Lin, R. Corominas, X. Yang, D. E. Hill, M. Vidal and L. M. Iakoucheva
5:30 PM
60 Network Analysis of Protein Interaction Module of AutDB Database
U. Kuppuswamy, C. C. Swanwick, S. Muend and S. B. Basu
5:30 PM
61 No Evidence of Excess of De Novo Mutations in Autistic Children from Multiplex Families
C. L. Simpson, Y. Kim, C. A. Wassif, N. Hansen, J. Mullikin, E. Tierney, F. D. Porter and J. E. Bailey-Wilson
5:30 PM
62 The Etiological Relationship Between Dimensional Traits and Categorical Diagnostic Constructs of ASD
B. Tick, E. Colvert, F. Rijsdijk, E. L. Woodhouse, F. McEwen, F. Happe and P. F. Bolton
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