Mental and Physical Health in Adulthood

Saturday, May 13, 2017: 1:15 PM-2:05 PM
Yerba Buena 3-6 (Marriott Marquis Hotel)
L. G. Klinger
1:15 PM
Autism and Depression in Young Adulthood: Cohort Studies in Sweden and England
D. Rai I. Culpin R. M. Pearson C. Dalman H. Heuvelman M. Lundberg P. Carpenter J. Golding C. Magnusson
1:27 PM
Increased Risk for Self-Harm in Autism: Preliminary Findings from the Stockholm Youth Cohort
I. Bubak D. Rai S. Idring Nordstrom M. Lundberg I. Culpin C. Dalman C. Magnusson
1:39 PM
The Relationship Between Mental Health, Employment and Quality of Life: Findings from the Autism Spectrum Cohort-UK
A. Petrou H. McConachie A. Le Couteur B. Ingham J. Hamilton T. Berney D. Mason D. Garland J. Parr
1:51 PM
Health Outcomes of Adults with ASD
W. S. McKinney M. R. Klinger P. S. Powell L. G. Klinger