Anxiety in ASD

SIG Leader: Jacqui Rodgers SIG Co-Leader: Alana McVey Anxiety poses significant additional challenges for many children with autism, which continue into adulthood, contribute to individual impairment, and significantly reduce individual opportunities. Research remains in its early stages and a pressing need continues for researchers to collaborate to share expertise and knowledge in relation to the development of a theoretical framework to better conceptualise anxiety in ASD, improve early identification of the combined presentation through the use of more sensitive assessment, and develop appropriate and effective interventions for this often deleterious co-morbid presentation. Topics for this SIG meeting include discussion of three key questions: 1. What are the mechanisms underlying anxiety in autism? 2. What are the active ingredients in treatment? 3. How can we best adapt treatments for adults with ASD and anxiety? Our meeting will begin with short presentations from graduate students and postdocs on each of our topic areas. We will then organize smaller discussion groups and group representatives will report on progress for the past year. The student network will present on student involvement, mentoring tips, and facilitate matching of student applicants with potential mentors. A summary of our progress as a SIG will be provided. Given this will be our final year as a SIG, we will discuss next steps to ensure that we are able to continue to build on the work that we have achieved together over the past three years.
Friday, May 12, 2017: 7:15 AM-8:45 AM
Yerba Buena 10-14 (Marriott Marquis Hotel)