Safe and Accessible Transportation for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: Addressing Barriers to Community Participation

SIG Leader: Amber M. Angell SIG Co-Leader: Cecilia Feeley Although transportation to school, work, and social activities is a daily necessity for individuals with ASD, there is little research on the topic. Emerging research suggests that individuals with ASD may encounter safety risks, sometimes life-threatening, while taking school, public, or private transportation. Their community participation is also at risk, as little is known about the facilitators and barriers to safe and accessible transportation for individuals with ASD. An interdisciplinary, collaborative approach is needed to understand the scope of the problem and develop innovative environmental modifications and evidence-based interventions, building from the experiences and expertise of individuals with ASD and their families. In this SIG, we bring together a variety of perspectives and plan for further future collaboration to address this critical and urgent issue.
Saturday, May 13, 2017: 7:15 AM-8:45 AM
Nob Hill CD (Marriott Marquis Hotel)