Brain-Behavior Mechanisms of the Sensory and Motor Features of Autism

Sensory and motor features are highly prevalent in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and contribute to individual differences across the spectrum. They are often associated with “core” social-communication deficits and repetitive behaviors in ASD. However, these sensory and motor features remain understudied. Consequently, we lack rigorous methods for measuring them, and have limited understanding of their underlying brain-behavioral mechanisms and the contribution of sensory and motor processing differences to core aspects of ASD. Symposium speakers from several labs will present studies using various neural and behavioral measurement approaches to better understand sensory and motor symptoms in ASD. Ms. Zoltowski (Vanderbilt University) will present fMRI data demonstrating differences in neural processing of tactile stimuli in ASD. Ms. Shafer (Vanderbilt University) will present EEG and motor performance data demonstrating the role of sensorimotor integration in neural and behavioral adaptability and its relation to core characteristics of ASD. Dr. Ewen (Johns Hopkins University) will present data illustrating how individuals with ASD acquire the skills involved in visuomotor imitation. Dr. Mosconi (University of Kansas) will discuss the functional neural circuitry involved in translating sensory feedback into precise motor output in ASD. Together, these papers represent novel approaches for exploring this under-represented area of autism research.
Saturday, May 12, 2018: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Willem Burger Hal (de Doelen ICC Rotterdam)
Panel Chair:
R. L. Shafer
10:30 AM
Differences in Temporal Profile of Brain Responses By Pleasantness of Somatosensory Stimulation in Individuals with ASD
A. Zoltowski M. D. Failla E. J. Moana-Filho G. Essick G. Baranek B. P. Rogers C. J. Cascio
11:20 AM
Capacity Limits and Learning: Two Views of Altered Visuo-Motor Imitation in ASD
J. B. Ewen S. H. Mostofsky A. S. Pillai D. McAuliffe
11:45 AM
The Functional Neuroanatomy of Visuomotor Impairments in ASD
M. W. Mosconi K. E. Unruh R. J. Lepping Y. Wang L. M. Schmitt Z. Wang S. Lui D. E. Vaillancourt J. A. Sweeney