Lessons Learnt from the Field-Testing of the W.H.O. Caregiver Skills Training

A growing body of evidence, mostly from high-income, research-based settings, supports caregiver-mediated interventions for autism; however, these are rarely available to families. To reduce the treatment gap, the World Health Organization with international partners and Autism Speaks, developed the Caregiver Skills Training (CST) programme for families of children with developmental disorders/delays, which aims to meet affordability and feasibility criteria of low-resource settings. In this panel we present emerging evidence on the implementation of CST across the globe. We first present a global update on the field-testing initiative, highlighting adaptation processes, challenges and lessons learnt from 29 sites. The second presentation reports on the pre-piloting of CST in the low-income context of Ethiopia, exploring perspectives of participating caregivers, facilitators and supervisors through thematic analysis. The third presentation describes findings from the pre-pilot implementation in Kenya, a middle-income country, through quantitative and qualitative methods. The final presentation will report from the adaptation of CST in a high-income country, Canada, using a Community of Practice, a social participative approach to assess barriers and change in practice. In the panel discussion we aim to critically reflect on these findings, to inform the adaptation, implementation and evaluation of scalable caregiver-mediated interventions in real-life settings.
Saturday, May 4, 2019: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Room: 518 (Palais des congres de Montreal)
Panel Chair:
E. Salomone
1:55 PM
Pre-Testing the Who Caregiver Skills Training Programme for Implementation in Urban and Rural Ethiopia
R. A. Hoekstra B. T. Gebru F. G. Bayouh M. Kinfe R. Abdulrahman T. Zerihun Kebede M. Tesfaye T. WHO CST Team E. Salomone L. Pacione C. Servili C. Hanlon
2:20 PM
The Acceptability, Feasibility and Preliminary Evaluation of the Who Caregiver Skill Training Programme in Rural and Urban Kenya
A. Abubakar E. Mwangome M. Mwangi S. Onyango P. Kitsao-Wekulo T. WHO CST Team C. Servili C. Newton