Thursday, May 2, 2019: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Room: 710 (Palais des congres de Montreal)
5:30 PM
215 Executive Function and Academic Achievement in Autism Spectrum Disorder
A. C. Armour L. Kenworthy A. Verbalis G. L. Wallace
5:30 PM
216 Neurobehavioral Phenotype of Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated with Germline Heterozygous Mutations in PTEN
R. M. Busch S. Srivastava O. Hogue T. W. Frazier A. Y. Hardan J. A. Martinez-Agosto M. Sahin C. Eng
5:30 PM
217 Salivary Sex Hormone Responses to Intranasal Oxytocin in Autistic and Neurotypical Women
T. L. Procyshyn M. V. Lombardo M. C. Lai B. Auyeung S. Crockford J. B. Deakin S. Soubramanian A. Sule S. Baron-Cohen R. A. Bethlehem
5:30 PM
220 Thinking in Pictures in Autism Spectrum Disorder
C. Bled I. Soulieres L. Bouvet
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