Saturday, May 4, 2019: 11:30 AM-1:30 PM
Room: 710 (Palais des congres de Montreal)
11:30 AM
296 Cannabidiol Modulates Brain Excitation and Inhibition Systems in the Human Brain; But Differently in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
C. M. Pretzsch J. Freyberg B. Voinescu D. J. Lythgoe J. Horder M. A. Mendez R. H. Wichers L. Ajram G. Ivin M. Heasman R. A. Edden S. C. Williams D. G. Murphy E. Daly G. M. McAlonan
11:30 AM
297 Citalopram Modulates the Neural Systems Involved in Processing of Facial Emotion in ASC but NOT in Neurotypical Controls
N. Wong R. H. Wichers J. Findon V. Giampietro V. Stoencheva C. M. Murphy C. Ecker D. G. Murphy G. M. McAlonan E. Daly
11:30 AM
299 Excitatory-Inhibitory Response to GABA-B Challenge Is Different in Adults with and without an Autism Spectrum Condition
A. C. Pereira H. Velthuis N. Wong L. Kowalewski D. J. Lythgoe D. Rotaru R. A. Edden E. Daly D. G. Murphy G. M. McAlonan
11:30 AM
300 Imbalance Glutathione Biosynthesis in Cingulated Cortices: ASD Kinetic Patterns In Vivo.
C. D. Jimenez-Espinoza F. J. Marcano Serrano J. L. González-Mora
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