Interventions: Factors Affecting Feasibility and Outcomes

Thursday, May 15, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:15 PM
Marquis D (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
10:30 AM
Intervention History of Children and Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism and Optimal Outcomes
A. Orinstein, M. Helt, E. Troyb, K. E. Tyson, M. L. Barton, I. M. Eigsti, L. Naigles and D. A. Fein
10:42 AM
Eight-Month Parent Outcomes of an Acceptance and Empowerment Training Model in India
T. C. Daley, N. Singhal, R. S. Brezis, T. Weisner and M. Barua
11:06 AM
Cognitive Enhancement Therapy for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results of an 18-Month Feasibility Study
S. M. Eack, D. P. Greenwald, S. S. Hogarty, M. Y. Litschge, C. A. Mazefsky and N. J. Minshew
11:30 AM
Longitudinal Outcomes of Unstuck and on Target Executive Function Intervention Trial in Children with ASD
L. Kenworthy, C. Luong Tran, K. M. Dudley, M. Werner, J. F. Strang, A. C. Armour, G. L. Wallace and L. G. Anthony