Addressing Disparities through Interventions in Diverse Community Systems

Despite increases in awareness of ASD, there remain vast disparities in community-based screening, diagnosis, acceptance, inclusion, and access to evidence-based care. This panel will present findings from four very different community-based intervention projects; online resources to increase acceptance and reduce bias, a stakeholder informed primary care program to increase the rate of screening and referral for young Latino children; a school-based comparative effectiveness trial addressing executive function in low-income schools; and a program to increase the use of evidence-based practices in publically-funded mental health centers. Though the studies presented take place in very different community contexts, they share common goals of addressing disparities, using intensive stakeholder input and community partnerships for successful adaptations, and sustainability through using existing community-based systems and the staff who already work there. These projects and researchers also share common lessons learned, such as the amount of time that must be dedicated to building trusting relationships before making changes in disenfranchised communities, the need for creative and adaptive methodologies, that crucial stakeholder input must include individuals with ASD, their families and those in the community service systems, as well as the need for very specialized adaptations for each community and setting.
Friday, May 12, 2017: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Yerba Buena 7 (Marriott Marquis Hotel)
Panel Chair:
L. G. Anthony
C. Kasari
3:30 PM
Impact of a Supported Screening Program to Increase Identification and Assessment of Latino Children at Risk for ASD
B. J. Anthony K. Linas M. Biel R. Mendez S. C. Dos Santos-Arquinio D. Jacobstein
3:50 PM
Addressing Disparities By Reducing Stigma and Increasing Acceptance?: Sesame Street’s See Amazing in All Children Online Initiative
L. G. Anthony H. A. Robertson S. Seese A. D. Verbalis C. Domitrovich C. L. Dickter J. Burk B. J. Anthony
4:30 PM
Differential Outcomes in an Addressing Disparities Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Community-Based Executive Function Treatments in ASD and ADHD
L. Kenworthy L. G. Anthony K. Hardy J. Safer-Lichtenstein A. D. Verbalis M. Biel S. Seese J. F. Strang A. B. Ratto C. E. Pugliese C. K. Kraper J. L. Martucci M. C. Wills C. Luong-Tran L. Cannon A. C. Sharber B. J. Anthony