International and Cross Cultural Perspectives

Saturday, May 12, 2018: 2:40 PM-3:30 PM
Arcadis Zaal (de Doelen ICC Rotterdam)
2:52 PM
Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of the Who Caregiver Skills Training in Public Child Neuropsychiatry Services in Italy
E. Salomone M. Settanni F. Ferrara A. Salandin T. WHO CST Team T. CST Italy Team C. Servili
3:04 PM
Effects of Dual-Language Exposure on Language and Executive Function in Children with ASD and ADHD
A. B. Ratto L. Anthony M. D. Powers A. Verbalis S. Seese L. Kenworthy
3:16 PM
Identifying Cultural Differences and Commonalities in Autistic Traits across India, Japan and the UK Using the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ)
S. Carruthers E. Kinnaird A. Rudra P. Smith C. Allison B. Auyeung B. Chakrabarti A. Wakabayashi S. Baron-Cohen I. Bakolis R. A. Hoekstra
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