Where Do We Go from Here? Learning How to Prevent Suicide in Partnership with Autistic People and Their Allies.

Autistic people are at increased risk of suicide compared to the general population. This year’s INSAR policy brief thus identified the top 10 research and policy priorities to prevent suicide in autism, in partnership with autistic people and their allies. This panel will discuss the findings and implications of this policy brief, in the context of current international suicide in autism research. First, a reflection from a lived experience perspective on the policy brief findings, and importance of researchers working in partnership with autistic people and their allies to decide priorities which will affect their lives. Second, the latest international research findings in relation to effectively understanding, identifying and managing risk of self-harm and suicide in autistic people will be discussed. Third, we will discuss where we go from here to improve our understanding of suicide prevention in autism.
Friday, May 3, 2019: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room: 518 (Palais des congres de Montreal)
Panel Chair:
S. A. Cassidy
J. Rodgers
3:30 PM
Measurement Properties of the Suicide Behaviours Questionnaire - Revised in Autistic Adults.
S. A. Cassidy L. Bradley R. Shaw E. Bowen M. Glod S. Baron-Cohen J. Rodgers
4:45 PM
The Phenomenology of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Autistic Adults.
A. E. Robertson L. Bradley R. Shaw M. Pelton B. B. Maddox S. W. White A. T. Wieckowski S. A. Cassidy