Examining Experiences of Individuals in Communities from Diagnosis to Adulthood: Results from a Large State Needs Assessment Survey

More than 8,000 adults with autism and caregivers of individuals with autism of all ages responded to the Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessment, which covered a wide range of topics from individual demographic and clinical characteristics to service experiences. Most respondents consented to link their survey to secondary claims data, allowing for a robust data source capturing both individual opinions and preferences and observed service usage. The purpose of this panel is to present a series of focused analyses reaching from early diagnosis experience through adulthood community participation and living arrangement status and satisfaction. At the conclusion of this panel, attendees will have learned from a large dataset new information about autism diagnosis, self-reported health status, community participation, and living arrangement data. Attendees will also learn about opportunities to link individual survey data to secondary data sources to amplify the utility of results and more thoroughly observe individuals’ and family experiences.
Saturday, May 4, 2019: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: 516ABC (Palais des congres de Montreal)
Panel Chair:
L. Shea
P. F. Turcotte
10:30 AM
Self-Reported Health Status Among Individuals with Autism
P. F. Turcotte K. Verstreate K. Croce S. Nonnemacher L. Shea
10:55 AM
Community Participation Experiences and Preferences Among Adults with Autism
W. Schott K. Verstreate K. Croce P. F. Turcotte S. Nonnemacher L. Shea
11:20 AM
Establishing Correlates of Successful Living Arrangements Among Adults with Autism
S. Nonnemacher K. Verstreate P. F. Turcotte K. Croce W. Schott L. Shea
11:45 AM
Comparing Parent-Reported Autism Diagnoses to Administrative Claims
L. Shea P. F. Turcotte W. Schott K. Croce K. Verstreate S. Nonnemacher