Intervention 2

Friday, May 3, 2019: 2:30 PM-3:25 PM
Room: 516ABC (Palais des congres de Montreal)
2:30 PM
Does Adding Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to Early Intervention Improve Caregiver Functioning?: A Randomized Controlled Trial
A. S. Weitlauf N. Broderick A. Stainbrook J. L. Taylor C. G. Herrington A. Nicholson M. Santulli E. Dykens P. Juárez Z. Warren
2:54 PM
A Multi-Site Randomized Control Trial of Family Navigation’s Effect on Diagnostic Ascertainment Among Children at Risk for Autism: A Dbpnet Study
E. Feinberg S. Broder-Fingert A. Bennett C. Weitzman A. Chu J. Eilenberg M. Abraham M. Credle H. Cabral M. Augustyn G. Patts J. Guevara A. Fenick N. Blum
3:06 PM
Screening and Linkage to Services for Autism (SaLSA): Randomized Controlled Trial of Family Navigation
C. DiGuiseppi S. Rosenberg M. Tomcho K. Colborn K. Hightshoe S. Gutiérrez-Raghunath J. Cordova J. Litfin C. Robinson Rosenberg