Interventions - Pharmacologic

Friday, May 12, 2017: 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Golden Gate Ballroom (Marriott Marquis Hotel)
5:00 PM
110 A Pilot Dose Finding Study of Pioglitazone in Children with ASD
L. Capano J. A. Brian D. Mankad S. Smile L. Genore R. Hastie Adams A. Iaboni D. Odrobina A. Dupuis E. Anagnostou
5:00 PM
111 Changes in Sleep Habits during Drug Treatment of ASD
R. K. Abramson A. V. Hall C. A. Stuck S. Ravan J. Charles J. Williams L. DeVane
5:00 PM
115 Metformin for Medication-Associated Weight Gain in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
L. K. Wink K. C. Dominick E. Pedapati E. Fox C. Buck R. Adams L. McClellan C. A. Erickson
5:00 PM
116 Microbiota Transfer Improves Gastrointestinal and Autism Symptoms: An OPEN Label Study
D. W. Kang J. B. Adams A. C. Gregory T. Borody L. Chittick A. Fasano A. Khoruts E. Geis J. Maldonado S. McDonough-Means E. Pollard S. Roux M. J. Sadowsky K. Schwarzberg Lipson M. B. Sullivan J. G. Caporaso R. Krajmalnik-Brown
5:00 PM
117 Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial of Fluoxetine in Children and Adolescents with Autism (FAB)
A. Mouti M. Kohn D. Reddihough C. Marraffa P. Hazell J. Wray K. Lee P. J. Santosh D. Dossetor N. Silove A. J. Whitehouse J. Granich M. O'Sullivan F. Orsini P. Lockhart
5:00 PM
118 Open Label Clinical Trial of Sulforaphane in School-Aged Children with Autism with Metabolomic Biomarkers
S. Bent T. Warren F. Widjaja K. Dang J. W. Fahey J. Kinchen J. Buckthal B. S. Cornblatt R. Hendren
5:00 PM
120 Systematic Screening of Pharmacological Compounds in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells-Derived Neurons to Identify Patient-Oriented Treatment for Autism: A Proof of Concept
H. Darville A. Poulet F. Amsellem L. Chatrousse J. Pernelle C. Boissart T. Bourgeron M. Peschanski R. Delorme A. Benchoua
5:00 PM
122 The Effects of Oxyotcin on Socially Rewarded Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder
A. T. Wang S. Soffes J. Zweifach L. Soorya J. D. Buxbaum A. Kolevzon J. A. Bartz
5:00 PM
123 Trends in the Use of Psychotropic Medication for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders on Kentucky Medicaid
W. D. Lohr Y. Feygin G. C. Liu M. J. Smith M. D. Stevenson D. W. Davis P. G. Williams C. Woods J. Myers