Early Development (< 48 months)

Saturday, May 4, 2019: 11:30 AM-1:30 PM
Room: 710 (Palais des congres de Montreal)
11:30 AM
107 Physiological Responses to the Emotions of Others in Infants with a Family History of ASD
T. Bazelmans T. Charman M. H. Johnson E. J. Jones &. the BASIS Team
11:30 AM
109 Predictors of Initiation of Early Intervention Services Prior to Positive Screen for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children
K. E. Wallis W. Guthrie A. Bennett M. Gerdes S. E. Levy D. S. Mandell J. S. Miller
11:30 AM
111 Prospective Associations between Anger and Later Internalizing Symptoms in Young Children with ASD.
K. K. Powell K. Joseph F. E. Kane-Grade H. Neiderman K. Villarreal C. D. Gershman C. Nutor N. Powell E. Yhang S. Fontenelle T. Tsang A. Vernetti K. Chawarska S. Macari
11:30 AM
113 Relationship between Child Dysregulation and Parenting Stress Scores in Toddlers with ASD
A. J. Schlink L. M. Baczewski Y. de Nocker J. Yang A. Gulsrud C. Kasari
11:30 AM
115 Sexual Dimorphism of Social-Emotional Development in Toddlers
L. C. Shuffrey M. Potter P. E. Springer T. N. Ochoa N. H. Brito H. J. Odendaal W. P. Fifer
11:30 AM
120 The Emergence of Early Signs for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Babies at High Risk and Its Relationship with Later Trajectories of Symptom Severity
M. Franchini L. Zwaigenbaum E. Duku V. Armstrong J. A. Brian S. E. Bryson N. Garon W. Roberts C. Roncadin L. A. Sacrey I. M. Smith
11:30 AM
125 The Relationship between Maternal Infant-Directed Speech and Infant Attention during the First Year
A. J. Woolard T. Armstrong T. Benders A. E. Lane F. Karayanidis V. Murphy L. E. Campbell
11:30 AM
126 The Relationship between Pitch Contours in Infant-Directed Speech and Infant Risk for Autism
A. J. Woolard A. E. Lane T. Benders L. E. Campbell V. Murphy L. Korostenski F. Karayanidis S. J. Lane D. Barker C. A. Mallise O. Whalen J. Mattes
11:30 AM
127 The Relationship between Walking and Language Development Is Disrupted in Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder
L. A. Wang L. D. Yankowitz W. Guthrie J. Parish-Morris J. Pandey K. Botteron S. R. Dager J. N. Constantino A. Estes H. C. Hazlett L. Zwaigenbaum J. Pruett N. Marrus J. Piven R. T. Schultz